Our Little Story

Beautiful healthy skin is vibrant, hydrated, clear, supple and soft. Our Little Sea Spa embodies natural aesthetic practices and therapies that will transform your skin and your psyche by working with your body's ability to regenerate itself. Our mission is to prolong and protect your skin's youthful qualities, and to transform it to its healthiest state from the inside out. We will bring out your inner glow to project wellness and balance through your body's largest organ - your skin.


We have two spaces in the Eau Gallie district of Melbourne, Florida. One is our spa location and a few doors down we offer Little Sea ARTpothecary which carries our natural skin care, as well as all things inspired by nature.

Being located 3 miles from the sea, we are surrounded by salt water - the great healer. Within our little spa of this magnificent ocean community where thousands seek peace & serenity in her saltwater. It's a lifestyle that we embody through conscious effort to minimize our carbon footprint while offering you native skin care through lush botanicals. We draw the healing properties from our botanical brothers and sisters which give them the unique ability to maintain their fragility and alluring beauty while withstanding intense heat, pounding tropical rainfall, hurricane force winds and dry sandy soil. Their use in our practice reflects a savage primal beauty force that is undeniable.


The arts community of Eau Gallie reflects its oceanic surroundings and has combined the French meaning of the word Eau (Water) with Gallie, which some attribute to originating from the native word galet, a Chippewa word meaning pebble. Similar to our primal ancestors that settled here, we like to think of ourselves as a “natural tribe” through our use of organic plant energetic products and our soft healing touch and practices.

Bath Salts and Oils