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Our Little Story

​Being located next to the sea, the great healer, we' embrace healthy living through the use of natural materials, products and non-toxic substances making conscious choices to minimize impacting ourselves & our environment by offering you natural alternatives. We are a small natural community with a passion for the simplicity embracing the power of nature. 


Our skin care, soaps & candles are made clean; scented naturally, and curated on the premises. We embrace recycling and offer to refill any candle vessel at a reduced cost. We are also currently working to offer a refill program on all of hand-curated skin care. Everything we make is in microbatches using only the highest quality organic fair-trade ingredients. We even offer to create custom batches for your special event, 


Tucked away in the back is a small intimate healing spa for those seeking a pure organic uplifting experience. Rest while you're painted with the essence of herbs & botanicals and the sweetness of flowers while you breath aerated equally harmonizing pink Himalayan & sea salt. Crystals & sound healing is used to release & move energy.


Our Little Sea Spa embodies natural aesthetic practices and therapies that will transform your skin and your psyche by working with your body's ability to regenerate itself. Our mission is to prolong and protect your skin's youthful qualities, and to transform it to its healthiest state from the inside out. We will bring out your inner glow to project wellness and balance through your body's largest organ - your skin.


Bath Salts and Oils

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